Bel Arabi

Artificial intelligence… How does it change everything in our lives? With the Data Scientist Deena Gergis

How does Facebook know what we like and what we want to buy? How has data science revolutionized our knowledge and abilities to deal with different areas of life from medicine, treatment of difficult diseases, transportation, dating applications, and the entertainment industry? What is the truth about artificial intelligence threatening us as humans?
Maher Gabra discusses all this and more in a new episode of the podcast “BelArabi” with his guest engineer Dina Gerges. Dina is an Egyptian data scientist who lives and works in Germany, with an inspiring success story. She refused to give in to traditional perceptions of women and their role in society and the home. Dina was recently awarded the Bayer Global Award (for which she works): Outstanding Women in Data Science. It is a very prestigious award, in recognition of her efforts in this field.